Hallo, I am TuffTuff!

I am the earth-dwarf helper TuffTuff

The name has nothing to do with the railroad, of course, even if you think so. I am actually of volcanic origin, a rather „hot“ earth dwarf helper 🙂. A volcano „spat me out“, so to speak, or rather I was created by its ejections, which are known as pyroclastics. These pyroclastics solidified over time and TuffTuff, and therefore me, saw the light of day. So I consist of at least 75% dust and ash with varying grain sizes.

As there are also many many minerals in the dust and ash, I can take on different colors such as grayish, greenish, yellowish, reddish, purple to almost black. I am therefore the chameleon of the earth dwarf helpers.

Due to volcanic gas inclusions, I am usually very holey and porous and you might think that I am a Swiss cheese. But you might be more likely to bite your teeth out on me. These holes, together with my porosity, ensure that I have great insulating properties and I am often referred to as an „eco-brick“. Everyone gets „warm“ with me 🙂

In „special cases“, however, I can also be of organic origin; this applies to my formation in calcareous waters or through activities at hot springs.

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