Hi, I am Hämatomm!

Hello, I am the earth-dwarf helper Hämatomm!

The name has nothing to do with medicine, although??

My name has always been associated with the red color. Already in the Old Testament, in what is now Iraq, archaeologists suspected that the Garden of Eden was said to have been made of red ocher or red chalk. Adam is said to have been created from this red earth (clay). The etymology of the ancient Hebrew word “Adam” then means: “man of red earth”. The Hebrew words for blood and red have the same origin: “Dm” means red and “Dom” means blood.

Of course, people know me differently, including from the medical field. However, after the “blue bump” I usually become unsightly and dark at some point – almost black!

In my particular case this behaves completely differently:
If I come into contact with oxygen on the surface, perhaps even being washed out, then I react massively!
Everyone in the immediate vicinity can see my reaction, because here I am responsible for the color scheme. From ocher to deep dark red, everything is possible! Since I’m also comfortable, I like to sit down there, relax and let the surroundings grow with me a little.

You should definitely try the water here: the taste is amazing!

You can find me here at Geocaching.com: