Hi, I am Kristalline!

Hello, I am the explainer-dwarf Kristalline

I am a small salt crystal, also known as „white gold“. You can admire me when I’m dry, then I’m quite pretty in crystalline form, but also quite brittle. So I won’t be bent! However, water is my element. I dissolve very well in it.

My story began billions of years ago, when the rain dissolved salt crystals out of the at that time still very young rocks and we were transported with the rivers into the primordial ocean. Due to incredible long processes, we can be found today as crystals in deposits kilometers below the earth’s surface. Imagine the size of my family: as the amount of all dissolved salt in our oceans, we small salt crystals could cover the entire mainland of our planet with a 150 m thick layer of salt. Smart experts agree that our reserves will never be exhausted.

And that’s why you’ll find me everywhere. And when I say EVERYWHERE, I mean it. I’m not just in the oceans and under the earth. I am even in you – in all your bodily fluids. I am the salt on your skin!

You can find me here at Geocaching.com: