Hi, I am Magneton!

Hi, I’m Magneton. As you can easily see, I’m a very cool and really hot guy (melting point from approx. 1527 degrees). I’m usually dressed in black and have a reflective and sparkling crystal structure so that I shine in the sun. My character is more of the opaque and brittle type, but I’m not easily split and have a medium degree of hardness. All this naturally arouses desire and people claim that I am therefore particularly attractive.

I originally come from the earth’s core, because it consists mainly of iron. But at some point, with the help of some volcanic activity, I managed to come to the surface. By eroding the iron-containing rock over a long period of time, I was able to be carried all over the world with my relatives. For example, you can find me in high concentrations on the beaches of the North and Baltic Seas; a true northern light. Even though some people here talk about soaps, I see myself more as a real heavy mineral and rarely let myself be carried away by the waves. Sometimes I meet up with Flinthor on the beach for a quick chat between friends.

You can find me here at Geocaching.com: