Hi, I am Marmoretto!

Hi there, I’m Marmoretto.

So pretty, pink, smooth and pleasant, you can already guess what I am. That’s right, I belong to the marbles. I am a carbonate rock of various compositions. Mainly from the minerals calcite and dolomite. We pass through a metamorphosis under high pressure and temperatures, after which we become what we are through marmorization. But that’s just the short version.

I come from beautiful Portugal. I am a very well-known marble and play an important role in the Portuguese stone industry. But you don’t want to know about Portugal, you want to know about me, the pretty dwarf.

Even if you can’t believe it, I’m around 400 million years old. In Saudi Arabia, people really like me (palaces of the royal family), but I’m also popular in Spain and Italy. So I get around a lot. I’m perfect for interior and exterior architectural embellishments. But I can also be used to make sculptures. Marble has been mined in Europe for a long time. Already since the 7th century BC. We come in a wide variety of colors.

But I am the most beautiful, at least I think so.

You can find me here at geocaching.com: