Hi, I am Rasaton!

I am Rasaton and I have a cheerful character. My name is derived from the Germanic words „Rasa“ for slate and „Ton“ for earth, which indicates my close connection with this fascinating material.

I was originally formed millions of years ago during the Devonian period, when deposits of fine mud and organic sediments metamorphosed under enormous pressure and high temperatures. My existence reflects the long history of my formation, which makes me a symbol of permanence and stability.

I live in the depths of the Rhenish Slate Mountains, where the slate rocks rest in the geological layers. My rich deposits have been mined here for centuries and used for a wide variety of purposes. Over the centuries, people have used slate for various purposes. From the roofs of traditional half-timbered houses to ornate sculptures and gravestones – I have found a variety of uses and remind people that I am not just a building material, but also a cultural heritage that links generations together.

You can find me here at geocaching.com: