Hi, I am Rosenbart!

Hello everyone, I am Rosenbart.

As you can easily see from my name, I have permanent sunburn, so I’m very reddish.

What do you need to know about me?

Well, I am very old. The first documented mining of my rock goes back over 4600 years. Back then, during the time of the dynasty of Djoser and Cheops, my advantages were discovered. Did I mention where I come from? My home is Egypt. I am still regularly mined on the banks of the Nile today. You want to know if you’ve ever seen me anywhere? Of course you have! Some of the most important architectural monuments were built on my basis. For example, the largest pyramid in the world, the Pyramid of Cheops, or the Aswan Dam would look different without me. I was also used for sarcophagi, sculptures and obelisks (for example the famous obelisk in Luxor).